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Creating tomorrow's milk and beef

Arcowin is your genetics partner in sustainable farming, creating tomorrow's milk and beef. As a farmer-owned cooperative, we help feed the world’s expanding population by breeding climate-friendly, healthy and trouble-free cows.


Your genetics partner in sustainable farming

Arcowin is a leading dairy and beef cooperative in Europe representing 53,000 farmers in Germany, France and Denmark, Finland and Sweden.

Established on 1 January 2021, Arcowin will be supporting all the dairy and beef breeding programs from Evolution, Masterrind and VikingGenetics.

Arcowin's main objective is to give you the world's best data-driven genetic products and solutions for sustainable farming.

Our breeding solutions are based on the farmers' needs, experienced people, data and science.

Being a farmer-owned cooperative, we're obligated to support the long-term sustainability of cattle breeders.

Our passion is to help you as a farmer achieve your business goals, farm sustainably and enjoy life. Let’s farm the future together.

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Holstein dairy cow in pasture
As Arcowin gives full exchange of genetic information across all cattle breeds and countries, we are able to identify the best animals in Europe. We take advantage of the huge variation in our breeds and maximise the genetic gain in all our breeding programmes. As a farmer, you get access to superior genetics and benefit from the trend-setting development in Europe.

Dr Josef Pott,
CEO Arcowin