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Creating tomorrow

Arcowin is your genetics partner in sustainable farming, creating tomorrow's milk and beef. As a farmer-owned cooperative, we help feed the world’s expanding population by breeding climate-friendly, healthy and trouble-free cows.

Your genetics partner in sustainable farming

As a farmer, you play a major role in improving the everyday life of tomorrow. You help feed the world's expanding population and contribute to creating a better future.

By breeding high-yielding, climate-friendly, healthy and trouble-free cattle together, we reduce the carbon footprint, provide better animal welfare and make your business profitable and sustainable.

A business with a licence to produce, that is. Dealing with new regulations, public opinion, and consumer demands.

Arcowin is your global genetics partner with data-driven experience and a network of experts around the world.

We are owned by 53,000 European farmers and share your passion for farming. We understand your challenges.

We are here when you need us most: in the field, in the barn, on your farm.

With innovative genetics solutions that help you achieve your business goals through sustainable farming. With reliable data from the performance of millions of cattle. With a century of experience, passion, and expertise.

Let’s farm the future together.

Arcowin - creating tomorrow.

Our passion is to help farmers achieve their business goals, farm sustainably, and enjoy life. This is achieved by our breeding solutions that are based on the farmer's needs, science and data and experienced people.

Vincent Retif,
Chairperson of the Board at Arcowin